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Tempe, Arizona

Systematic and Spiritually Enlightening Theological Studies

You may reach out through phone, email, or the provided inquiry form for any related questions or concerns.

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Lift Up Your Hands and Your Hearts in Worship

In everything we do, our ministry Word & Faith Church is constantly centered in Christ. We have dedicated our lives to preaching, teaching, and defending our faith to all who will hear us. Made up of God-fearing people from across Tempe, Arizona, our community offers:

  • Weekly Sunday Worship Services With Sunday School
  • Midweek Bible Study (Adults and Children)
  • Small Group Ministries:
    • Men: Godfellas

    • Women: Woman to Woman
    • Youth: G.E.W.W.E.L.S. and G.E.M.S
    • Renewed Life: Addiction and Recovery Ministry
    • Marriage Ministry: Awaken Love Marriage Ministry

Marriage Coaching

The Awaken Love Marriage Ministry offers one free 30-minute online consultation for non-church members. Non-church members will pay standard costs for counseling and coaching. Members may consult for free and take advantage of counseling or coaching at a discounted rate.

What to Expect:

  • Practical and relevant messages with a strong Biblical foundation that focuses on the Gospel of Jesus Christ and Holiness.

  • To learn the Biblical stories, language, and culture through the original languages and context through expository teaching.

  • Uplifting songs purposed at glorifying God and inspiring people, dynamic stories and testimonies, and multimedia experience to support the message.

  • To be loved, led, and helped to discover your gifts, talents, destiny, and purpose that God has given and planned for you.

  • A warm welcoming & safe place for children to learn, grow, be encouraged to share their faith.

We value truth over trend, authenticity over performance, relationship over results, excellence over perfection, relevance over tradition, creativity over complacency, and Christ above all else.


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